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3D Wooden Model Royal Carriage

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Mechanical 3D Model for self-assembling The Royal Carriage, a newly released build-your-own mechanical set. In the inspiration of 1902 State Landau carriages, our toy engineers created this incredibly detailed self-propelled model of a 4-horse-pulled coach. Special attention was put in the fun detailing and the design of the Carriage. Just check out an imitating leather compartment seats, the Royal coat of arms, engraved on the door panels, and the coachmen, dressed in the finest attire. Almost every element in the design of this Royal model is genuine and fully functioning. The doors, locking in the open and closed position; the rubber-band motor and the exposed working motor suspension belts, all these features make the Carriage look original and realistic. Additionally, the Royal Carriage set comes with two pairs of figurines to choose from, Prince Harry in his finest military attire and his beautiful bride Meghan, and HRH The Queen with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.


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